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So, what’s the deal here?
May 8, 2019
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You’re here, now you want to know why, who I am, and why this site is even taking up space on a server somewhere. I’ll try to keep this short.

Who am I? I’m 30 something living in South Florida. I’m what you’d consider a millennial, and like many of my generation; I don’t discredit this. As a kid I remember hearing stories about Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and other early titans of Silicon Valley; and was pretty hell bent on making it happen (spoilers, it hasn’t happened yet).

Through a slow, meandering, and mostly un-motivated, typical of my generation, path; I did eventually find myself in the Mecca that was the Bay Area; however there were way fewer turtlenecks in my future than I had planned. When the hopeful unicorn of a startup I found myself in wound up being more the Uber of Going Nowhere Fast than magical cure all of the the telecommunications world it was back to Florida for me.

Photo by Stanley Dai on Unsplash

But Hey, they can’t all be winners. ‘They’ (whomever they are) say that this was a learning experience; and I’ll agree. I learned more about jumping into things head first, product development cycles, software quality assurance, an the San Francisco Giants in my year as a hopeful Silicon Valley Titan than most people would care to hear about. So now that I’ve blown through two paragraphs one of which scratched the surface of introducing myself, and the other which makes me sound like I’m clawing for a book deal on how to create the next great start up, is that what this is all about…? Probably not; but I’m sure it’ll come up.

Music is a big deal in my life, I grew up playing multiple instruments and appreciate the nuances of a good album. It’s such a big deal that I let it drive one of the most important choices in my life. After high school I packed up and enrolled in a religious universities music program. Just a word of advise, don’t be the least religious person in a music program at a religious university; trust me I stood out like a 6’3″ sore thumb in a Blink-182 t-shirt. That experience was super short lived. While I don’t play as much music as I used to, my record collection is always growing and diversifying, and much to the chagrin of my wife I’m a frequent concert goer. Don’t be surprised to see some of that here too.

Photo by Alexandre St-Louis on Unsplash

So we have the strong making of a tech industry/music blog with a side of incoherent ranting and dry self-deprecating humor. Lets throw another curve ball (this isn’t about the Giants); I love things on wheels especially German things on wheels; those will show up for sure.

I could probably go on and on about myself, but what’s the point in a personal blog if I give it all up in the first post. You’re reading, I’m writing, that removed any input or approval from you. If you’re not digging it move on.

What’s this all about, literally whatever I want it to be. Enjoy the ride.